Our story

Doing it the Kiwi way

Taking beautiful New Zealand to the world.

It all began 25 years ago, near the small town of Waikouaiti, not far from Dunedin in the idyllic South Island of New Zealand. Now Farmer Brown is Kiwis’ favourite brand of eggs, accounting for just under a third of the egg sales in New Zealand supermarkets.*

You’ll also see Farmer Brown eggs in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Pacific Islands, where our eggs are loved not only for their freshness, quality and taste, but also for the bio-security assurance that comes with New Zealand agricultural products.

Farmer Brown eggs – affordable, versatile, good for your health.

Farmer Brown eggs represent all that is good about eggs. Few sources of protein are as widely available, or make as many tasty meals. And they are affordable, which is why you’ll find them on breakfast tables and in lunchboxes the length and breadth of the country.


Now consider how little land it takes to produce millions of eggs, how few farm inputs into the land and the stock are needed, and how carefully every aspect of production is monitored.

Compared to meat production, which requires large acreages, multiple inputs and complex processing and packaging, it’s easy to see why Farmer Brown eggs, New Zealand's favourite affordable protein, have come into their own in this age of sustainability.

Caring creates quality.

Farmer Brown has become New Zealand’s No 1 egg brand* for lots of reasons. Mostly, it comes down to how we care for our hens, resulting in high quality, protein-packed eggs that have rich yellow yolks and a firm texture to the whites.

Care starts with the right environment.

Farmer Brown’s sheds and barns are some of the most modern in the world, where every aspect of the hen’s welfare has been carefully considered. They are warm, with steady airflow, the light levels are carefully managed, and fresh water and carefully blended feed is provided to meet every stage of the hen’s development.

In our barns the hens can nest, scratch, perch and exhibit other natural behaviours. This includes being able to perch at different heights, something hens really like to do.

Our Free Range flocks also love to forage outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and supplementing their diet with worms, insects, bugs, and seeds.

Health care for hens.

Wherever they are housed, all Farmer Brown hens thrive on carefully selected feed that has been designed to keep them in the best of health.

The farm is monitored by a combination of up to date technology and experienced staff. However, nothing replaces Farmer Brown flock managers, who bring expertise, experience, and highly developed instincts to work every day. Theirs is a hands-on role, ensuring the highest standard of welfare can be found in all our facilities. For them, there are no shortcuts and no half measures.

Feed is important.

The health of laying hens very much depends on their environment and the quality of their feed. That is why, besides the feed that is produced to our precise specification, we also mill our own feed, and produce and distribute it to our flocks. This makes us 100% sure of its biosecurity, and sure our hens are getting exactly the right nutrition.

Grain, plant proteins and vegetable oil and essential vitamins and minerals are all found in the hens’ high energy, high protein diet. Feed as good as this not only maintains the hen’s health, it also improves productivity, as thriving hens will maintain their natural laying rhythm.

Where do our hens come from?

Just as we produce our own feed, we rear our own flocks from day old to point of lay. We have our own farms specially for rearing chicks, where the infant birds are welcomed at one day old and carefully raised until joining the laying flocks at 17 weeks. We monitor their food and welfare with the same care and concern as laying hens, so we know when birds enter the laying flock, they are disease-free, healthy, and ready to lay quality eggs.

The eggs that you buy.

Farmer Brown takes care of every aspect of the egg’s journey from the nest to the customer. That means we collect them, grade them, scan them for the slightest imperfection before putting them into cartons and delivering to our customers. All this is done at our farms, we don’t give this to someone else to do.

This way, you know every egg you buy is a good egg, straight from Farmer Brown.

Trust and Traceability.

Our people have decades of combined experience, and their commitment to the highest standards of hen welfare and egg quality have gained the trust of consumers here in New Zealand and overseas. Trust that is only further enhanced by our traceability program that sees every egg stamped with the type of egg and the farm of origin.