Egg grades & sizes

How big is your appetite?

Eggs grading

Eggs are graded according to egg weight and not egg size.

All eggs comply with the New Zealand egg standards and grades set by the Egg Producers Federation of New Zealand Code of Practice 2002. Eggs must equal or exceed the minimum weight for each grade as listed below. This provides consistent results when it comes to recipe development.

Egg Size Minimum Weight Per Egg
Medium (6) 53g
Large (7) 62g
Jumbo (8) 68g

We have colour coded our packs by egg size to make them quick and easy to find.

Which size to buy?

For everyday use choose Farmer Brown Standard Medium, Size 6 eggs in the blue coloured packs.

Try alternating between using Farmer Brown Medium, Size 6 eggs and Farmer Brown Large Size 7's to see which you prefer.

And for those with BIG appetites choose Farmer Brown Jumbo, Size 8 eggs.

Choose the right eggs for perfect baking

Most baking recipes are based on using Large, i.e. Size 7 eggs. The success or failure is to maintain the proper proportion of liquid to dry ingredients and to have enough whole egg, white or yolk to perform the needed function.

Size equivalents

If you find you don't have the correct size egg in the house, then use this handy substitution chart to help you.

So, for example, if a recipe calls for 6 Medium eggs, you can use 5 Large or 4 Jumbo eggs if those are to hand.
Medium (6) Large (7) Jumbo (8)

To fill 1 cup

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