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Farmer Brown eggs are produced in New Zealand and exported to Singapore, Hong Kong and Pacific Islands.

New Zealand’s geographic isolation makes it one of the few countries to fall outside the migration routes of birds carrying Avian Influenza. New Zealand is ranked first out of 113 countries for food safety and animal welfare, making it the ultimate place to produce safe, high quality eggs.

Farmer Brown has complete control over every aspect of the egg production process, so it can guarantee traceability, quality, and freshness.

*Global Food Security index. Economic Intelligence Unit 2018.
**The Animal Protection Index 2015.

NZ map #1 Egg producer in New Zealand 1st out of 50 countries of animal welfare 1st out of 113 countries for food safety
Farmer Brown's eggs production process

100% Traceability – all the way back to the farm of origin.

All Farmer Brown eggs are stamped with a unique identity code. To find out exactly where your egg comes from, go to www.tracemyegg.co.nz.

Export Farmer Brown eggs carry the ‘Fernmark’ – the New Zealand Government’s tick of approval.

For the past 15 years, we have been exporting our highest quality eggs to Singapore. These are produced by healthy hens enjoying the highest animal welfare standards in the world. This, along with an end-to-end supply chain, ensures optimal freshness and 100% traceability from farm to table.

Found in Michelin-starred kitchens across Singapore, Farmer Brown are the eggs of choice in some of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, including Odette and Imperial Treasure, as well as some of Singapore’s favourite cafes, including Merci Marcel and Lola’s Cafe.

Like many chefs, I have always been passionate about sourcing the best produce for my restaurants. With every supplier, I’m obsessed with the process behind the production. Farmer Brown is synonymous with quality and animal welfare which has such a profound effect on the end result”.
Chef Francois Mermilliod – Bar-A-Thym

Export products

Farmer Brown Farm Fresh eggs

Farmer Brown Farm Fresh eggs are exactly what we eat in New Zealand, eggs supplied directly from a Farmer Brown farm. They are produced sustainably, to the highest animal welfare standard. The quality that makes Farmer Brown NZ’s favourite egg is the unbeatable Farmer Brown taste, which is now yours to enjoy too.

Farmer Brown Free Range eggs

Farmer Brown Free Range hens have total freedom to roam rolling green pastures and shady woodland, on Farmer Brown farms throughout beautiful New Zealand. In line with NZ’s Animal Welfare regulations, (Layer Hens Code of Welfare, 2012) stocking density is 2,500 hens per hectare, far fewer than Australia’s national standard of 10,000 hens per hectare which means much more space to roam and enjoy.

Farmer Brown eggs can be purchased at all leading food stores and supermarkets, including Cold Storage, FairPrice Finest, Marks & Spencers and are available online through Redmart, Shopee and Qoo10.

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