On our farms we have a saying: “only the good get to go”. And let me tell you, we go to a lot of trouble to make sure every egg is a good egg.
Back in the early days and still in use today are our own in-house quality control systems which we use to check the feed, the birds, the eggs, the grading and the packing to ensure we meet all the rules and regulations and make our eggs safe and tip top quality.

But we don't stop there...no, no, no,... we also have a Risk Management Programme (RMP) approved by the NZFSA. This is a fancy name for a food safety program which enables us to identify any potential risks to our eggs before they leave our farms.
It keeps you on your toes, because this RMP lark involves independent auditors coming onto our farms and checking us out. And then MAF come and take a look to check the eggs we export. No chance of any bad eggs from your mate, Farmer Brown