Brownie's Letters

Dear Brownie,

How are you today? My Mum made us poached eggs yesterday and one of the eggs has two yolks. I asked Mum why and she said I should write to Brownie.


Dear Amy,

It’s a bit of a bonus when you get a double yolker, and I believe that I should charge more for them! But, I can’t always be sure of getting enough of them, every day, to supply all my good egg friends – it’s a bit like the weather – changes from day to day.

The reason some eggs have two yolks is because the mother hen releases two yolks at the same time. This is quite common in young hens.

Dear Brownie

How can you tell if an egg is hard boiled, because when it is it doesn’t look any different. I have to do this for my class.

Whetu, Tamaki, Auckland.

There’s a trick to this, Whetu. You spin the egg – if it spins easily, then it’s been cooked, but if it wobbles it’s raw. Try it for yourself, it works every time.