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Brownie's Bonzer Bacon & Egg Pie

Brownie's Bonzer Bacon & Egg Pie
Cooking Time:
35-40 minutes
Serves: 4
Bacon & egg pie is great for feeding all the crew.

Use a 20.5 x 20.5cm cake pan or a round 23cm dark coloured metal pie dish.

  1. Preheat oven to 200ºC. Roll out two thirds of the pastry on a floury bench to line a shallow greased 23cm dark coloured pie tin. If using pastry sheets, line the base of the tin with pastry sheets retaining enough for the lid. Scatter over spring onion and half of the bacon, break in the eggs and season, then scatter on the remaining bacon.
  2. Roll out the remaining pastry to make a lid. Crimp the pastry edges together and trim off any excess. Use the trimmings to decorate the pie if you wish (attach with a dab of egg wash). Sprinkle with grated cheese.
  3. Cut four small vents in the pastry lid with a sharp knife. Brush with beaten egg and bake for 35 – 40 minutes until rich golden brown and crispy. Serve warm or cold.

Brownie's Top Tip:

For light crispy pastry, ensure the oven is at the correct temperature before cooking the pie. If it’s not hot enough the pastry may become soggy. Use a dark coloured pie tin or dish – this will also ensure a rich golden brown and crispy pastry.