1. They're good eggs - laid by hens that are farmed in a caring manner, because I'm a caring sort of bloke. We feed them our own natural cereal based diet, and we take care of everything, the grading, the packing and the delivery to the stores.
  2. They come in a range of pack sizes across all egg sizes. Whether you need a large pack for a family gathering or a small pack for the two of you, never fear, Brownie's here.
  3. You can trust 'em. We have this really thorough checking process - the NZ Food Safety Authority guys come in and they inspect the farms, the feed mills, the grading and packing centres. MAF comes in too to check the eggs we export. No chance of a bad egg off my farm.
  4. They're popular as. Wherever you are, Brownie's eggs aren't far away, in fact, Farmer Brown eggs are available nationwide throughout all good supermarkets and retail outlets.
  5. They're good healthy food.